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Professional Tree Trimming - Grand Forks, Fargo, ND

There's no wonder why folks throughout the Grand Forks and Fargo area look to Strom Tree Service for all their Tree Trimming and Pruning needs.  Proper tree trimming can prolong the life of you trees and keep them healthy. Not to mention, trimming provides extra curb appeal to your property. Strom Tree Service can professionally and safely trim your trees and keep your property looking amazing.

Tree Trimming can be very dangerous work and it's best in the hands of a professional. At Strom Tree Service, we always put safety to the highest regard by using the best industry standards, guidelines, tools and equipment. Our Tree Trimming is performed professionally, on-time and under the safest conditions.

When Should You Trim:  Trimming is typically needed at the point of which your trees and shrubs grow beyond their original shape. Our tree trimming professionals know how to prune and trim trees without causing them harm. Contact Strom Tree Service today to learn more about our Tree Trimming Services and Process.

We specialize in: 

- Tree and shrub trimming
- Tree shaping
- Pruning